About Us

What we do

Our experience and flexible approach allows us to deliver the optimal investment structure for each situation. We work closely with vendors, management and advisors to carry out the most appropriate transaction which works for all parties.

We have experience in each of the following situations:

Minority or majority positions

We are a minority specialist. Management teams tend to select us for our experience and contribution

Development capital

Investing in a business to fund organic growth, for example, through rolling out proven concepts in the retail and leisure sectors

Acquisitive growth

Backing a management team to grow through acquisition, often many times over, by undertaking a 'buy and build' strategy

Management buy-outs

Supporting an incumbent management team to acquire the business from the existing owners

Management buy-ins

Backing an experienced outside manager or team to acquire a business, possibly in association with members of the existing management team

Shareholder restructuring

We have successful experience of working with management following a "cash out" event. In addition, we understand that changes to credit terms may require an equity injection to strengthen a balance sheet

Public companies

Backing management to acquire and de-list a public company, or buying ordinary equity in a listed business


We have direct experience of acquiring underperforming businesses both on behalf of existing investments and as a stand alone investment and returning them to growth

Our craft is to support the development of mid market companies.

If you would like to get to know us and explore the possibility of working together, contact us.