Our Chairman, Luke Johnson, wrote for the Financial Times for 8 years and now writes weekly for the Sunday Times and is regularly invited to speak on entrepreneurship and enterprise.

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Luke Johnson writes a weekly column for the Sunday Times and wrote for the Financial Times for 8 years, please find his latest columns below:

Private sector shows way for wasteful public services
A number of conclusions can be drawn from the EU referendum.

Careers advice can’t keep up with the jobs revolution
Few decisions matter more than choosing how to earn a living when you’re young.

Free-rider Google starves our creative talent of cash
Monopolies are the mortal enemy of free markets.

Ideas, passion and heroes — they’re all so overrated
There are many myths about success in business. This week I thought I’d tackle a few of them.

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How I Made It: Tom Molnar, founder of Gail’s Artisan Bakery
A CULINARY QUEST for the perfect loaf led Tom Molnar to quit big business for the bakery 11 years ago.

Risk Capital looks to invest in more travel businesses as ‘time is right’
The private equity firm that bought into both Neilson and last year is on the hunt for further investment opportunities in travel.

Grand old man eclipses the VC academics
A book review by Luke Johnson in The Financial Times

My name is Business, and I’m a recovering debtaholic
The capital structure of deals has changed beyond recognition

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