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Patisserie Holdings Fast Track and Profit Track Nominations
London: 15 April 2012

Patisserie Holdings Fast Track and Profit Track Nominations

Patisserie Holdings achieves a hat-trick of success having been ranked at number 52 of the 2011 Fast Track 100, number 79 of the 2012 Profit Track 100 and number 88 of the Buyout Track 100, all within the space of a year.

This comes shortly after the company’s announcement of a record year of profits for the year ended 30 September 2011. Revenues rose by 21% to £43.2m and operating profits climbed 31% to £8.0m.  During the year the business opened 14 new branches in locations as diverse at Bath, Chester, Liverpool and Charing Cross, Central London.

The business now trades from over 85 outlets around England across the three brands of Patisserie Valerie, Baker & Spice and Druckers.  Each serves a different segment of the market. Patisserie Holdings employs over 2,100 staff across its various operations, and will create over 550 new jobs in the coming year by investing in new patisseries around the country.  

Patisserie Valerie, founded in London’s Soho in 1926, offers an unrivalled selection of fresh cakes, viennoisserie and confectionery, all handmade using artisan craft baking skills, to our own recipes within our own bakeries.

Risk Capital's continued backing and support will see the business reach over 100 outlets in 2012.